We had a wonderful afternoon on Saturday the 29th of September in Castlerock Northern Ireland with the kids participating the Art & Environment Marine Biology workshop. We were joined at low tide by Marine Biologist David Erwin and Maxime Siseret from the Causeway Coast and Glens Heritage Trust. After an introductory chat about ocean life […]



I am now 3 weeks in to a paper-making course with some of the P3, P4, and P5 kids from Ballyhackett Primary school and we are all having great fun, just have a look! The kids know all the equipment they need and how to set out their tables to be ready to work. Mostly […]


These open cast glass platters came out of a series of experiments with kiln casting on sand. I wanted to use recycled glass to create my own forms inspired by some of my treasures from beach combing. So with sea-glass and tiny shells in mind I started testing combinations of silica sands as a casting […]


These images show some of my favourite pit-fired pieces which I have kept in my own collection. Pit-firing is a wonderful process for me because it is deeply connected to my environment and the seasons. The process starts with gathering materials for the combustible nest which fumes each vessel. I walk the beach to harvest […]

Tomorrow I start a paper-making course at my son’s school. It has been a little while since I have taught it so I am giving myself a little refresher tonight. I went through all my mold and deckle sets and tightened up the mesh on the small molds. I checked the blenders to see that […]

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